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  • 5 Things to realize on the path to self-love

    8. Oct 2019 by

    1.Stop focusing solely on the things you are bad at instead look at all the things you are good at. Instead of beating yourself up for the things you cannot do take time to appreciate everything you have already achieved. The constant urge to better yourself leads to you forgetting what you are capable of… Read more

  • Travelling in times of climate change

    4. Oct 2019 by

    Coming from a very diverse background my family is spread all over the world. There are relatives in Asia, Europe and even the United States. Which means I travel long distance by plane quite often. In the current debate about climate change it becomes more than obvious that we as a society are facing a… Read more

  • Free yourself

    2. Oct 2019 by

    Living in a globalizing world you would think that issues like racism belonged to the past. Sadly that is not the case. Although society is constantly changing people of divers backgrounds and colour still face discrimination on a daily basis. Hearing that you are not enough because of the way you look can have a… Read more

  • Searching for confidence

    30. Sep 2019 by

    As the school year has started a few weeks ago I find myself in a new social environment full of different people and characters. It is fascinating to see the individualism of each person that enriches school by everyday. Every year we come back regarding how much we have developped and meeting up in this… Read more

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