5 Things to realize on the path to self-love

  1. 1.Stop focusing solely on the things you are bad at instead look at all the things you are good at. Instead of beating yourself up for the things you cannot do take time to appreciate everything you have already achieved. The constant urge to better yourself leads to you forgetting what you are capable of as you are always striving to fix yourself. Focusing only on your flaws will make them seem impossible to overcome and will create a bad self-image. You are so much more than the things you cannot do and realizing that will help you let go of the burden in your mind that keeps you away from being happy with yourself.

2. Realize that the things others may be thinking about you is the reflection of what you think about yourself. “I bet they cannot stand me, they think I am not cool” These thoughts are a cry of your own self-doubt. You do not perceive yourself as lovable or cool or nice and project this mindset on others. You believing others not liking you is believing that there is something wrong with you. No one can make you feel insecure but yourself. You have to start appreciating yourself for who you are. If you have once started to appreciate yourself for who you are you will see that the way you think will change to the positive. Why? Because you know how great you are and that there is nothing wrong with you.

3. Believe in your own power. You can change something bad into good because you are strong! It is up to you to change obstacles into lessons and release the burdens that are holding you down. At the end of the day be grateful for every challenge you have faced because it helped you grow, every experience was a step forward on your way and now looking back you see all the things you have overcome. No bad situation can shape you, what shaped you is the way you rose from it.

3. In addition to that do not be afraid or ashamed about your past behavior as it was not caused by bad intentions. Your past behavior is not a representation of your faults but a reflection of what you then thought was right. Accept that you are changing and the varying thoughts on different issues are evidence of your continous development.

4.Realize that the way you talk to yourself has an impact on your self-esteem. If you are constantly speaking meanly to yourself you will subconsciously adapt these thoughts in the way of perceiving yourself. Eventually this will leave you with even more self-doubt. That is way it is so important to be kind to yourself. You deserve happiness and showing compassion towards yourself will change the way you perceive yourself.

5. Realize that there is no right way to live. Just remember that you need to please yourself before anyone else. Be the first one to stand up for yourself. I want to help myself before anyone else does, I want to defend myself before anyone else defends me and I have to appreciate myself before anyone can appreciate me as true satisfaction comes from within. Start treating yourself as your best friend. I love my best friend and I want her to be happy. That is what I aspire for myself too. Lastly think about ways to better your life quality not yourself. Know that you are enough.

Self-love is a process and the path there will take time, but you know what, that is what makes it a life-long experience!

19 thoughts on “5 Things to realize on the path to self-love

  1. I agree, our past mistakes can beat us down if we do not see that every moment is a new chance and a new us. A little more wise than before, and if not wise enough, then more mistakes to be done so we can be wiser.

    No one knows what you need to be happy better than our selves, no one can look after us the way we can. It is our life after all.

    Thank you for beautiful share, reminds me of the song “dear me” by Nichole Nordeman.


  2. I really like the point in #3, where you mention that past mistakes are what you thought was right back then. It is a nice way of perceiving our past selves. We always do what we think is right given the situation and our current state of knowledge. No mistakes.


  3. Great post! I wrote on my website a while ago an article titled “8 Flavors of love (according to the Greeks) – Which one are you?” -https://authorjoannereed.net/lets-talk-about-love-8-flavors-of-love/ – Feel free to check it out!


  4. Reblogged this on The New Renaissance Mindset and commented:
    This morning, as I lay awake worrying about many things and putting myself down; I asked for an angel to guide me.

    Angels always come when I ask and I’m getting better at recognizing them.

    I’m sharing this amazing blog post (and it’s beautiful author) today, because they are the angel I needed today.
    I hope they are yours as well.

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    1. I am in absolute awe right now, thank you so much for your kind words they mean so much for me! I wish you all the best, have and awesome day and keep thriving!

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