Free yourself

Living in a globalizing world you would think that issues like racism belonged to the past. Sadly that is not the case. Although society is constantly changing people of divers backgrounds and colour still face discrimination on a daily basis. Hearing that you are not enough because of the way you look can have a huge negative impact on your self-esteem. Furthermore hurting words can stick in mind and be a constant source of insecurity. So today I am asking you to free yourself from these thoughts and doubts. This is for every one who has ever experienced racism in his life:

Look me in the eyes and tell me what you see. If there are only colours then this is shocking to me. As I am walking on my path you can only stumble along because you missed the right direction. You are missing out on me and everything I am and I am done thinking about your limited mind because you will never see my soul. Although my mind is wide it does not hold space for your toxic ways. I have finally understood that you can not exclude me, you only exclude yourself from my beautiful world. I owe you nothing and educating you is not my task. So I will only say goodbye as you will be no longer a part of my way. From now on you get to see my light from far. What I am is too great for you, bigger than all of your biggest fears and smallness of your mind. No longer will I be playing your game and asking ashamed if I were the problem. No, this way of thinking I will not carry on any longer as I am giving you the burden back that you have thrown relentlessly trough your words and leave the pain behind as I finally allow myself to move on.So now I am spreading my energy, spreading my wings knowing my worth above everything.

10 thoughts on “Free yourself

  1. This is very well written. Post read better when they come from the heart. Sadly racism isn’t a thing of the past and it’s on display almost on a daily basis. Some people only see color and can’t look past it. That is a sad way to live.
    Free oneself is the best way to live.

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  2. Thank you for this important post. Like you, I have had to say goodbye to people I’d once had a relationship with but who demonstrated, over time, that they were bigoted. We don’t need such people in our lives. They are toxic influences. It’s better to befriend and surround ourselves with those who love and are tolerant.

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  3. I love this!! I agree with you l. We don’t need to be included in anything we just need to exist and create a beautiful lives for ourselves. If they exclude us then it’s their loss x


    1. Thank you so much for reading this! The thing is we lose touch with what is really important for our life if we try fitting into these people’s narrative. Lots of love to you


  4. Beautifully said!! To quote: “What I am is too great for you, bigger than all of your biggest fears and smallness of your mind. No longer will I be playing your game and asking ashamed if I were the problem.” Thank you for writing! ✍️
    I’m so glad you’re sharing this with the world.

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